Alter Ego Anti Red Shampoo 300ml

Alter Ego Anti Red Shampoo 300ml

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Anti - Red Shampoo: For Brunettes

Shampoo to gentle cleanse and protect coloured brown hair. The formula with neutralising green pigment effectively counteracts unwanted red tones and enhances shine. 

How to use:

  1. Apply to wet scalp and hair, massage and leave in for a few minutes, then rinse.
  2. Apply again if necessary.
  3. The use of gloves during the application phases of the product is recommended.

How does green pigment counteract red?

Green pigment counteracts red because they are complementary colors. Complementary colors are pairs of colors that, when combined, cancel each other out and create a neutral gray or white color. In the context of color theory, green is considered the complementary color to red.

When green pigment is applied or mixed with red, the two colors work to neutralize each other. This is because green light contains wavelengths opposite to those of red light on the color spectrum. When these opposing wavelengths mix, they create a visual effect that reduces the intensity and brightness of both colors.


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Brand:Alter Ego Italy
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