ASP System Blonde Ultra-Lifting Dust Free Powder Bleach 500g

ASP System Blonde Ultra-Lifting Dust Free Powder Bleach 500g

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System Blonde Ultra-Lifting Dust Free Powder Bleach - Up to 9 Levels of lift!
  • ULTRA-LIFTING powder lightener suitable for all types of bleaching techniques.
  • The gentle formula can be used with 3% (10vol), 6% (20vol), 9% (30vol) and 12%(40vol) developers to achieve high lifting power with optimum hair condition. For on-scalp use, we recommend that only 3% (10vol) or 6% (20vol) is used
  • Contains guar gum to help protect the scalp
  • Zea Mays helps to protect the inner structure during the lifting process and Maltose to moisturise and improve condition of the hair. For best results use ASP Creme Developer.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS  Mix 1 scoop of Ultra-Lifting Powder Lightener powder with 2 scoops of your chosen ASP Creme Developer. You may vary the consistency by adding slightly different amounts of developer according to the technique you wish to use, i.e. full head, foil or cap highlights, etc

APPLICATION  Do not wash the hair before lightening. Full Head application, ULTRA-LIFTING Powder Lightener should be applied to the middle lengths and ends first and then to roots. 

On re-growth - apply ULTRA-LIFTING Powder Lightener to the roots only. 

For on-scalp application - Do not cover - Do not use heat.

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